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Don't Compromise

Orca Semiconductor was founded to address the challenging design problems engineers face in competitive vertical markets that demand optimized Analog semiconductor solutions.

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Optimized Solutions Enabling Advanced Connected Health Devices

Optimized Solutions Enabling Industry 4.0 for the Smart Factory

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Specific Solutions

At Orca Semi, our passion is to address our customer's real-world analog problems and innovate solutions that enable life-changing products to be realized.

Why settle for "good enough" when you can have a customized solution that better fits your needs, improving performance that meets commercial goals?

We are developing innovations based on intimate customer partnerships to realize application-specific value-added solutions.


How it works

Invest Areas

Analog application specific standard product
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Analog ASSP

Analog Application Specific Standard Products replace discrete parts providing increased functions, higher efficiencies, and saving space.

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Smart Health

Remote monitoring of vital signs for actionable insights is the future of healthcare and the empowerment of consumers to improve their lives.

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Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 is driving intelligence on the factory floor. Increased factory data boosts productivity, reduces downtime, and improves efficiency for lower operating costs.

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